Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That Time I Did a Diet Bet...

 So if you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I touch on weight loss here and there. The main reason I don't talk about it as my main focus is because honestly, I have not an effing clue what I'm doing. If something works for me, I'll try<<<< and stick with it. Not to say that weight loss/ fitness doesn't interest me because I could read about it til the freaking cows come home. That being said,I recently joined a Diet Bet. Long story short I shelled out $25 into the pot along with several other people. I have to lose essentially 9 pounds in a month (4% of my weight). If I can do that I get my $25+ some back. Is it gonna be easy? Mehhh, only time will tell. But if I'm forkin over money my ass better be hard as a rock by May. Here is the fun part. You have 2 weigh ins. Beginning and end. If you'd like to see what a douche bag looks like...ask me to weigh myself. #douchecentral.

If you are interested in joining. Shoot me a comment or email me and I can invite you! But really leave a comment anyway! Get to know me :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday and My First Swag Swap...

 Can we just talk about the douchbaggery going on with my hair? While everyone else chose to look normal I took it upon myself to wear pigtail buns with untied ribbons. The coach on the left happens to be my dad. Sorry for the embarrassment pops. At least I was good at the game :) Third Base for 5 years and catcher for 3. All I have to show for it now are BAD knees and a good laugh at pictures like this lol. Circa 2003 a 14 year old Danielle, pre fat suit.

Listen up ladies...I entered my first "Swag Swap!" I joined at HERE at Alicia's Site. Today is the last day to sign up! So get over to her page! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Date night and Reaching Out...

 On Friday my sister came over and stayed the night so Richie and I could go on a date...The last time we had a sitter was Valentine's Day, which was a complete shitfest. I thought I wrote about it but apparently not. Long Story short. We didn't make reservations to eat, and the movie theater was sold out. So Richie took me for the first time in my life to gamble at the Casino. I hated it. And I'll never do it again. It was filled with cigarette smoke, and after losing only $15 I was out the door, and crying. Half in part because I just wasted $15 dollars  in a stupid machine and also because it was already 9:30 and all we had done was drive around to restraunts that were all packed. So at 10:30 at night we trucked it across town to Culvers and picked Mason up. VALENTINE FAIL. ANYWAYS... We were due for a date. We ended up going to Old Chicago, and seeing the movie Noah. I thought it was a very good movie. On that note: If you are going to compare the Bible and the movie you will be diappointed. It's Hollywood people. This is what happens when I ask him to take a picture with me on date nights.

I digress...

On Saturday I drove my sister Jasmine home and we made duck faces just despite the people who hate it. My sister is 16 years old. And she is one of the most influential people in my life. Not to say that my other sister isn't, but Jacqueline (my other sister) and I have ALWAYS been close. Just these last few years Jasmine and I have become very close. I'm guessing our age gap had something to do with that. I'm thinking of having her guest post. 

On Saturday night I did absolutely nothing but lay around and eat junk. It felt great, in case you were wondering. 

Okay ladies...and gents if you're reading. I would like to get know my followers better. I get a butt load of pageviews from you guys but rarely any comments. So I am going to try to close each post with a question in hopes of getting you guys all chatty :)

If you could have any celeb know you exist...who would it be? Mine would be Emma Watson or Tom Hanks. I think she is so elegant, down to earth, and a great actress and I seriously feel like if I met Tom Hanks my world would be complete. He is amazing. That is all.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Sell Your Stuff On Ebay...

 If you don't know where my title came from...Google it. Watch it. Quote it. Annnnd You're welcome.
I just started an Ebay selling account people! I feel like a mother effin entrepreneur. With one loan listing right now that you better buy can find HERE, more is bound to come. It's spring cleaning time and God only knows what I'm gonna find in this house.

And in case you didn't google it...#boom #40yearoldvirgin

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Throw Back Thursday! Blogger Style!

I usually skimp out on #TBT. Not because I don't want to do it, but who has time to dig through all their old pictures and take a picture of that picture? (you won't find me using a scanner) So I thought I'd switch it up a little bit. This> POST was written exactly a year ago April 3rd 2013... and oddly enough it was a facts about me post...Check it out, and here's 10 more!

1. I can quote more movies than almost anyone I know. This is because I am a SERIOUS movie buff and will watch ANY movie. But rarely watch TV. 

2. I don't know how to swim. My older brother drowned in a lake when he was 11. My parents didn't want me near water after that and quite frankly I didn't want to be around it. 

3. When Mason starts swimming lessons this will I.

4.#TBT Picture! ...check out that smoking hot feeding tube...I had it til I was almost 4.

5. I had to take 4 P.E. classes my senior year because I skipped so much every other year...I was VERY athletic growing up. But you couldn't pay me to run laps. 

6. My first car was a station wagon...Can you imagine??? Humiliation wants the wagon back.

7. I don't like peanut butter flavored anything

8. I can't walk into the bathroom with out reaching in and turning the light on first.

9. I fell walking up to get my diploma

10. I laugh at my own hashtags... #cuzimafunnybiotchmmmkay

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Fun and My Computer is a P.O.S....

 I'm getting better at this. Sure it's been about a week but who the eff is counting? Not to mention when you see the ghetto ass piece I'm working with you'll be more understanding. First things first. Saturday Mason and I went to my dad's to do laundry because I live in an apartment and I'm a cheap broad  hang out. Mason watched Frozen 723787 times with Papa Steve while I sorted through BRAND NEW socks that no longer have mates. Ultimately a good time.
On Sunday we went to a birthday party at a park for my 2 year old cousin. I really don't like going all over the place on the weekends but it's family and food...and what's better than food? <Boom! Big Danielle is back in action.
 I love when Mason gets to hang out with his cousins! I come from a huge family and have LOTS of cousins and we are all very close. I love that Mason is getting a chance at that too.
 Gramps and Granny...

I digress...Other than laziness and forgetfulness, another reason I don't blog daily is because of my piece of crap computer. My first charger shorted out on me about 6 months ago. Predictable, so I bought a new charger. Well this charger worked normal-ish for a while but didn't technically fit the way it is supposed to. So now it won't charge AT ALL unless I'm shoving it in there with all that I have or ghetto rigging it like this...
Yea...that's a headband

So ladies and gents I'll be saving up for this beauty
...I don't care what everyone thinks of it. This is the one I want. What do you use to blog?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Those times I forgot to blog...

 I'm not even gonna say I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while because lets face it, you are probably tired of hearing it and I know I'm tired of saying it. Point is, I need to crack down and write out a schedule for blogging because I just can't stay on top of it for some reason. So here's what you've missed (on Glee!) <Did that pop into anyone else's mind? No...Bueller?

Last weekend it got to the 60s so Richie and I took Mason to the zoo. We all had a blast. We walked around for about 2 hours and before we left we caught an Imax (Penguins in 3D) Mason loved it but of course fell asleep 20 minutes in. I didn't take pictures of any animals. You know what bears look like right. Sorry I'm not sorry lol.

Last Sunday my little sister Jacqueline and I surprised my youngest sister Jasmine with a ticket to the Demi Lovato concert (she's obsessed).
 We were about 18 rows back originally but when I asked the usher where to go he said here go ahead and take these tickets and so we got moved to row 10!!!
On Thursday when I got home I wasn't feeling well and had a crappy day at work. Richie came home about an hour after me and asked me if I had anything going on on Friday after work. I said no to which he replied "you do now," and handed me a gift ticket for a mani and pedi at a really nice salon! I do love that man :) So on Friday after work I had a little MUCH needed pampering done. And since that was only the 2nd time in my entire life getting a mani/pedi I scheduled another appointment for next month. Slowly I'm starting to feel less guilty about "ME" time. :)

 My foot looks weirdly discolored because I was sitting on it.
 Saturday Mason had a gymnastics/birthday party to attend so we went and he had so much fun. And Kimmerson went too! I always feel like I HAVE to describe Kimmerson as my best friend...because ummm she is??
She is the birthday girls teacher.

So that is what we have been up to! I can't make any promises to update regularly because obviously that gets me no where...but I will try!
And since everyone and their dog did it...we did too. FROZEN!